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ZED is a fictional magazine that focuses on typography in context in the field of art and graphic design, as well as culture and history. Type is used as a metaphor and as a representation of the visual world. It is not just what the letters say, but how and why. The style is eclectic, playful, intelligent, and the aesthetic is colorful and textural. I designed a cover for each month of the year.

ZED Magazine covers

ZED Magazine covers (continued)

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Notes from the Collective Unconscious is a collection of musings, thoughts, and beliefs on how one experiences the world. Through the mind, body, and brain, one can experience life, love, death, change, time, and anything that makes one uniquely human. This book was written and designed with the ideas of psychology and philosophy as the underlying basis shown in the interplay through words and images. It does not set up to teach a lesson, but is full of wisdom, and humor intended to inspire and move.

notes from the collective unconscious

notes from the collective unconscious (continued)

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Set to the lyrics of California by Joni Mitchell, this project is an homage to the natural beauty of Mammoth, California. Like the landscape, I designed this scroll to be colorful, multi-layered, and vast, and used many of the elements I found in nature such as grass, plants, and even water to create texture. Joni Mitchell’s lyrics enhance the serenity of the scene. While not a California native, I could definitely see myself staying there for a little while.


california (continued)

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The artistic and cultural phenomenon of the Fillmore poster of San Francisco in the 60s—and the inspiration it has on contemporary band posters and on the poster itself as a medium of graphic design—is the cornerstone of this project. I designed posters for contemporary bands, who have played at the Fillmore, in the visual and musical style from the 60s to the present, covering psychedelic rock, punk, new wave, grunge, pop, funk, and rock.

fillmore posters

fillmore posters (continued)